MJ Bear Fellowship Fund

Over the past two years, the Online News Association has had the privilege of supporting the work of six groundbreaking young journalists, members of the first and second class of MJ Bear Fellows. This fellowship is dedicated to nurturing under-30 journalists producing cutting-edge work in digital media by offering them sophisticated resources, one-on-one mentoring, networking and a global forum to talk about their work.

And we hope you’ll donate today to make it possible for these fellowships to continue for promising young journalists!

As a founding board member of ONA, MJ was a pioneer of digital technology and encouraged young talent to embrace its potential to build a new ecosystem for telling stories and sharing information from and with the public. Before she passed away in 2010, MJ articulated her vision for a fellowship program to financially support and guide the best and brightest young journalists, those pushing the boundaries of this dynamic field, by connecting them with the worldwide ONA network and mentors who could help advance their work and careers.

We have selected our 2013 Fellows, who bring widely diverse backgrounds in journalism techniques and platforms to the experience. While reporting and creating content in vastly different contexts, they are setting the bar for using data, multimedia and distribution to create a new journalism landscape. And like their predecessors, we know they will benefit from the support the fellowship provides.

You can check out more of the fellows' thoughts and work chronicled throughout the past two years on their blogs and see the Class of 2011's final videos to hear how the Fellowship impacted their work and advanced their careers.

It’s vital for the public interest that the journalism community nurture talent like this, particularly as the paths to success in the field are changing rapidly. In just its first year, our fellowships have vividly illustrated the value of providing practical resources, networking and guidance to journalists leading the way.

MJ had humbling confidence that ONA would see through her vision for journalism. We hope you’ll donate to give the next generation of young journalists your support.